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Social innovation projects and actors in European area


Collected data using our algorithms are presented to the actors involved and validated. Also, we present our data as soon as possible to the community, looking for the feedback and community validation. Using community validation we ensure the great quality of data.

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Comprehensive data

Data is collected from various sources, integrating data from known social innovation databases, social media, projects’ and actors’ web pages and news portals.

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Long-term sustainable

Our algorithms based on natural language processing, text mining and machine learning ensures the database is sustainable and it will be able to continue updating itself in future with low human maintenance.

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About us

European Social Innovation Database

European Social Innovation Database is the database of social innovation projects and actors in European area. The project is funded by European Union as part of the KNOWMAK project. The database is developed at The University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.

The main goal is to collect and classify social innovation projects and actors. Our aim is to automate process by using text mining, natural language processing and machine learning, so the database can be sustainable and continue to collect data on projects and actors in future.



Project Manager
Dr Abdullah Gök is a Lecturer in Innovation, Strategy and Business Economics at the Alliance Manchester Business School and he is a member of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.


Research associate
Nikola Milosevic is a Research Associate at Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (Alliance Manchester Business School). His work focuses on technical aspects of the project, including text mining, language processing and software development.


PhD student
Alina Kadyrova is a PhD student at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, working at mapping Social Innovation in European area


Project manager
Philip Shapira is Professor of Innovation Management and Policy with the Manchester Institute for Innovation Research at the Alliance Manchester Business School and also Professor of Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA.

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