September 26, 2017


European Social Innovation Database is the database of social innovation projects and actors in European area. The project is funded by European Union as part of the KNOWMAK project. The database is developed at The University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.

Knowledge in the making in the European Society (KNOWMAK) project, sponsored by the EU H2020 programme, will run from January 2017 to December 2019. This large-scale project will develop a web-based tool, which provides interactive visualizations and state-of-the-art indicators on knowledge co-creation in the European Research Area. KNOWMAK will allow mapping knowledge co-creation in Europe on the basis of i) research topics (by developing ontologies around Societal Grand Challenges and Key Enabling Technologies), ii) actors (with a focus on the quadruple helix and the involvement of societal actors in knowledge co-creation) and finally iii) geographical spaces (with a focus on multiple level metropolitan, regional, national and European spaces and their interconnectedness). The tool combines three main data sources: i) established indicators of scientific and technological knowledge production based on scientific publications and patents; ii) information on knowledge in the making derived from research projects’ descriptions and iii) information on social innovation projects and user attention to knowledge production derived from the Internet and from social media.

The main goal of European Social Innovation Database is to collect and classify social innovation projects and actors. Our aim is to automate process by using text mining, natural language processing and machine learning, so the database can be sustainable and continue to collect data on projects and actors in future.